Frequently Asked Questions


Can I mount the Studcutter to a table?

Yes, please reference the instructions included in the box, or view our sample video or How to video.

Are there Studcutters for different sizes like 3.5”, 6”, or 8”

Currently we only provide The Studcutter in 3 5/8 size. No, we do not provide The Studcutter in 6 inch or 8 inch sizes. We in the process of developing models for larger stud sizes based on Dealer feedback, and customer feedback.


Can I buy replacement parts for the Studcutter?

Yes you can purchase replacement parts. Contact your sales rep, and or local sales distributor for component cost and shipping.


Can I rent the Studcutter?

Check with your local tool rental company. If they do not provide The Studcutter have them contact us.

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, the Studcutter can be purchased by credit card.

What Credit cards do you accept?

JVB Products accepts all major credit cards. Check with your local sales distributor when purchasing through them.

Can I order the Studcutter in a different color?

Yes, JVB Products can quote color options on special order requests.


What gauge drywall studs will the Studcutter cut?

20 gauge drywall studs and lighter.

Does the Studcutter cut track as well as drywall studs?

Yes, The Studcutter will cut track 20 gauge and lighter.

What kind of cut edge can I expect?

20 gauge studs exhibit minimal deformation once cut. With thinner gauge drywall studs you can expect a 1/16” roll over at the cut.

Some cut edges may also result less than complete cut in the middle section of cut edge requiring the cut piece to be slightly twisted by hand to release it. These deformities on the cut edge have no effect on normal trim applications.



Can I cut 18 or 16 gauge drywall studs?

No, the torque required will damage The Studcutter & blades. See warranty for further details.

What if the blades become dull, can I sharpen them myself?

You can sharpen them, however we strongly recommend against this. Any sharpening of the blades will void your lifetime warranty on the blades.


What is the warranty on the Studcutter?

There is a lifetime warranty on the upper blades and bottom blade. All Other components have a 1 year warranty. 

What if the blades are damaged?

The lower blade can be reversed for extended life. The upper blades are covered by a lifetime warranty. Contact your sales rep, and or local sales distributor where you purchased the unit.

Who do I contact if I have a warranty issue?

Contact your sales rep, and or local sales distributor where you purchased the unit. You can also reference The Studcutter warranty for return procedure.

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